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Hinodeya Seika Co., Ltd.

5062, Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233, Japan


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Yunohana Senbei rice cracker personalisation service

We can make original Yunohana Senbei cans with your name on the lid of the Yunohana Senbei can.
These cans can be used for a variety of occasions such as anniversary gifts, gifts, gift items, souvenirs of weddings, parties and events, competition prizes, etc.

Choose from six different designs.Choose from six different designs.

Order by ready-made

Design your own from scratch.Design your own from scratch.

Design it yourself.

From six different designs.
Choose and order.

Can be personalised with a name, date, company name or logo. Six standard designs are available for celebrations and commemorative events.

  • Celebration - bowknot

  • Celebration - Awaji Knot

  • Anniversary

  • Kotobuki - bowknot

  • Kotobuki - Awaji Knot

  • Anniversary 2

Design your own
original can.

They can be made from original designs created by the customer.
These can be used for a variety of occasions, such as wedding gifts, company or shop souvenirs, etc. Please read carefully how to create the design data and download the template.

How to create original design data

Supported data  .ai .psd .eps .jpg .png

  • Please note that low-resolution images and detailed designs may not be reproduced beautifully. (Recommended line width is around 0.6 pt).
  • Logos and illustrations should be laid out as vector data or transparent high-resolution png data.
  • The color of the base is the same pink as that of the yunohana senbei itself.

When data is created using vector image editing software such as Illustrator

  • Fonts must be outlined.
  • Line thickness of 0.6 pt or more is recommended.
  • If images are used in the design, please prepare the data in the highest resolution possible.

If the design is created using Photoshop or other painting software

  • The colour mode should be CMYK.
  • Resolution should be set at 350 dpi and the data should be as large as possible.
  • Please send the data rasterised.

It is not possible to produce designs using the following photographs, illustrations, etc.

  • Illustrations of cartoons, comics and characters, tracing of illustrations and photographs (including secondary use), logos of companies and brands, etc.
  • Photographs, names, etc. of celebrities (entertainers, singers, athletes, etc.).
  • *To use photographs, illustrations, etc. falling under the above categories, the customer must either be the rights holder himself/herself or must obtain permission for use from the rights holder himself/herself.
  • Creation of pornographic or obscene material, defamation or damage to reputation or credit, violation of the Money Lending Business Act or other special laws, and other criminal acts or productions linked to acts in breach of the law.
  • Our company cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur when using the above-mentioned photographs, illustrations, etc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any other productions that we deem inappropriate.

    Souvenirs from Mie Prefecture made with care by Hinodeya Seika.
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