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Hinodeya Seika Co., Ltd.

5062, Komono, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1233, Japan


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Travelling sweets
'tabino ondo'.

We want you to feel the taste and atmosphere that comes from travelling, so now the sweets travel to your city.
A little bit of travel in your daily snacks.

  • Yunohana Senbei and Fiantine.

    Yunohana Senbei crackers, crushed into a crispy texture, with aromatic tea leaves and white chocolates for a luxurious, easy-to-eat crunch.The product is a "Japanese Fiantine".Three types of chocolate are available: Ise matcha, hojicha and Japanese black tea, carefully selected from all over Mie Prefecture.The combination of the dark taste of the tea leaves and the chocolates and the crunchy texture are addictive.

  • Yunohana Senbei and sweet bean paste

    Set of exquisitely blended confit and Yunohana Senbei from Kitano Labo, a confiture specialist in Kyoto.You can dip the Yunohana Senbei into the confit or make your own gaufrette with any quantity you like and enjoy it in many different ways.Deeply flavoured red bean paste based on Ise tea from Mie Prefecture.1.Ise green tea and milk2.Hojicha green tea and chocolate3.Japanese black tea and tofuThree types are available for purchase.

  • Waffle Tsukamaeta/
    Hiso-Hiso Waffle

    Plain butter-flavoured "Waffle Tsukamaeta" and baked cheese-flavoured "Hiso-Hiso Waffle" have a special design printed with an illustration drawn by popular illustrator "Hibiyu", who is active mainly in Mie Prefecture.These bite-sized, fluffy waffle cookies are made with Kirara no Tamago (rich eggs from chickens raised spontaneously at the foot of Mount Suzuka) and Tokachi natural cheese kneaded into the dough.

  • Sake lees and citron butter sandwich cookies

    The moist cookie dough is finely pressed with "soda rice cracker ears" to add a unique crunchiness, and sandwiched with confiture of Mie Prefecture's famous sake "Mie-no-Kanbai" (Mie's cold plum) sake lees. Yuzu peel soaked in honey is added to the butter cream for a refreshing aftertaste. This is a new type of Japanese sweet proposed by tabino ondo, a brand of travel confectionery.

  • Gateau confiture
    Ise green tea / Houjicha

    Two types of Japanese cakes with almond dough, confiture, butter cream, soda cracker chocolate crunch, tea powder and five different layers, all made with an abundance of tea leaves from Mie Prefecture.Ise matcha from Suzuka, produced in the Tencha furnace built by craftsmen reputed to be the best in Japan, and hojicha from the Nansei area of Mie Prefecture, grown in an environment suitable for tea production with a high temperature difference between day and night.

  • Yunohana senbei AR Mini Cans

    A cute mini size of the Yunohana Senbei AR can, which allows you to use Instagram's AR function to send the heart balloons designed on the can flying and share scenes of Yunoyama Onsen. The cans are also recommended for reuse, such as using the cans as stationery containers after eating.Enjoy the feeling of travelling in the comfort of your own home with Souvenir x AR.


    Souvenirs from Mie Prefecture made with care by Hinodeya Seika.
    You can buy them in our online shop.


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